How to Use a Capo - Campfire Guitarist Quick-Start Series #6

When you’re playing songs on the acoustic guitar, there’s one accessory that will totally change your experience - and that's the capo.

Capos simply create a moveable bar that you can put on any fret. This allows you to play the exact same chords but be in any key you want. If a song is in a challenging key where you don’t know all the chords, you can throw on a capo and play some simple open chords.

In this lesson, we’ll be changing the key of Free Fallin’ using a capo. This is especially useful when a song feels like it’s too high or too low to sing. With a capo, you can raise or lower the key of the song so that it’s in a more comfortable spot. 

If you don’t have a capo, there are a few tutorials out there on how you can put together a makeshift one. They are, however, fairly affordable and a helpful tool every campfire guitar player should have at the ready.