Play Stand By Me by Ben E King - Campfire Guitarist Quick-Start Series #7

“Stand By Me” by Ben E King is an absolute classic sing-along song that uses only 4 chords and 1 strumming pattern. That makes it an ideal campfire song to learn!

In this lesson, you will learn the A Major, F# Minor, D Major, and E Major chords, and the strumming pattern used in this song. 

For practicing this song I recommend going in this order!

  1. Get comfortable with the chord shapes - practice putting them on and off
  2. Practice making smooth changes between the chords
  3. Work on the strumming pattern by itself
  4. Try playing the song without a metronome, focusing on smooth transitions
  5. Work on playing the song with a metronome
  6. Play along with the original track

Once you know how to play the song you can change the key of this song by using a capo! This will help put the song in a range that the people with you can sing!