20 Chords Every REAL Guitar Player Needs To Know

20 Chords Every REAL Guitar Player Needs To Know

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There are hundreds of guitar chords out there. However, to play your favorite songs, there are really only twenty or so that you need to have down. In this lesson, we’ll be covering the twenty guitar chords (plus a few extras) every real guitar player needs to know.

The chords you’ll learn are:

The C major chord, A major chord, G major chord, E major chord, D major chord, A minor chord, E minor chord, D minor chord, F major chord, F# major chord, F minor chord, F# minor chord, G minor chord, B major chord, Bb major chord, B minor chord, Bb minor chord, C minor chord, C7 chord, A7 chord, E7 chord, D7 chord, G7 chord, F7 chord, F#7 chord, B7 chord, Bb7 chord, F# diminished chord, and the F# augmented chord.

Make sure you download the chord cheat sheet so you can reference it later. If you master all twenty of these chords, you’ll be prepared to learn just about any song out there.