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Acoustic Guitar Survival Guide

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Today I have something special for guitar players who take their progress seriously. This is especially geared toward players who are just getting into acoustic guitar, or who’ve been playing electric for a while but want to go acoustic.

Over the years, I’ve learned a few things that make it easier to play acoustic guitar. You could call this a ‘survival guide’. These tips are valuable, even if you’ve been playing acoustic guitar for a while. I’ve broken them up into two main categories: 

1. Tips for acoustic guitar gear:

  • Get your guitar professionally set up 
  • Go down a string gauge if you need to
  • Always carry extra strings
  • Always have a tuner with you
  • Always carry extra batteries for both your guitar (if it has electronics) and your tuner
  • Use a variety of pick thicknesses
  • Get (and use) a capo

2. Tips for acoustic guitar playing technique:

  • Learn at least two keys to start with a capo
  • If you are new, start with 8 fundamental open chords
  • Learn partial bar chords 
  • Learn the simple downstroke strumming pattern
  • Learn DDUUDU (a classic strumming pattern)
  • Learn basic fingerpicking patterns (like the one in “Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol”)
  • Learn how to accompany yourself with melodies on top 
  • Learn complete songs

Check out the video for all of the playing examples!