Creating A Mobile Practice Space - Guitar Lesson

Creating A Mobile Practice Space

Guitar Lessons For Beginners

One of the most confusing, and expensive, things about starting to play the electric guitar can be picking which amp or pedals to play through. Luckily we live in a day and age where we have access to loads of different sounds through the wonder of amp modeling. I like to think about amp modeling as software that replicates famous amps, pedals, and even speaker cabinets. This can be great for your back and your bank account. Best of all, modeling can be very educational for you to get a good idea of tones you actually like without spending a million dollars on gear.

As far as amp modeling formats go, there are stand-alone units like the classic Line 6 POD as well as software and apps that you can use with your mobile device or computer. I really favor the software versions of these because it makes for some ultra-portable practicing solutions as you will see. Join me as I walk through how to use amp modelers as a practice tool in this video. I’ll be using some very affordable audio interface solutions along with a great sounding modeling app called Bias FX.