Gospelize Your Guitar Playing - Gospel Guitar Lesson

Gospelize Your Guitar Playing

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When searching for gospel guitar lessons, you aren’t going to find much. There just isn’t a lot of clear or concise information on that particular style of guitar playing. In this lesson, Nate Savage takes some time to demystify a classic gospel chord progression so you can use it in your own playing.

We’ll be going through the classic song “How Great Is Our God” for the entirety of this lesson. We’ll also be sticking to the key of C major to keep the theory simple. The progression we’ll be transforming is C major, A minor, F major, G major, and a return to C major. This is a classic chord progression used in gospel and contemporary worship music.

Don’t feel like you need to incorporate every element from this guitar lesson into your playing. Follow along with the video, and try adding a few of these new and interesting flavors to spice things up and sound just a little more “gospel-y”.