"Home Sweet Home" - Motley Crue Guitar Lesson

"Home Sweet Home" - Motley Crue

Guitar Lessons For Beginners

“Home Sweet Home” by Motley Crue is considered to be one of the greatest power ballads of all time. In this guitar lesson, we’ll be learning to play an acoustic version of the iconic song. Since we’ll be playing the piano part on our guitar as well, you should be prepared to use both strumming and fingerpicking techniques throughout this song.

Many of Motley Crue’s songs were played in D standard tuning; however, we’ll be using E standard tuning here so you don’t need to worry about altering anything on your guitar. As you move through the lesson, you might find a few new chords and shapes, so be sure you download the PDF sheet music to help you follow along.

Add this version of “Home Sweet Home” to your daily practice time and work towards executing all of the different parts perfectly. If you enjoyed learning this song, you might want to dig into some other Motley Crue tunes as well!