How To Make Your Cheap Guitar Amp Sound Amazing

Make Your Cheap Amp Sound Amazing

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At some point in your guitar playing career, you’ll likely acquire an affordable (or cheap) guitar amp. Sadly, you might notice that your first experience with your new amplifier is a little unsatisfactory. But while these cheaper amps aren’t going to sound like something worth thousands of dollars, there are a few things you can do to make them sound amazing for the price!

All amps are a little bit different, but the main things you’ll be dealing with are the EQ and the amount of Gain or Distortion. Learning how to dial in the EQ and set the appropriate amount of gain for your playing style is the most important aspect to nailing down a great guitar tone.

Remember, almost every amp has a sweet spot. Take your time, fiddle with those knobs, follow the tips in this lesson, and you’ll get your cheap guitar amplifier sounding a lot better. Even a $50 solid-state amp can sound better than a $500 tube amp if you know how to get the thing dialed in just right!