Learn “Yesterday” by The Beatles On Guitar

Learn “Yesterday” by The Beatles

Guitar Lessons For Beginners

Learning songs on the guitar can be one of the most challenging yet rewarding endeavors you can embark upon as a guitarist. So in this video, we’ll take a deep dive into a solo fingerstyle version of “Yesterday” by The Beatles.

This version of the song combines two separate musical parts. The first one is the alternating bass line that follows the chords throughout the song. The second part simply plays the melody at the same time. You’ll need to separate the two parts to start and focus on building up the basic coordination with your thumb and fingers on their own.

An important thing to remember while learning a more complex song on the guitar is that you’ll want to break the piece down into small digestible chunks. As you get each chunk down, you can begin stringing them together. Always take it slow and focus on clean, clear playing.

This piece will take you some time to master, so be patient and consistent with your practice. Over time, you’ll see progress. Don’t forget to celebrate the small wins and you’ll be playing this song perfectly in no time!