One Quick Trick To Play Over Chord Changes (Blues Solo Video #4)

One Quick Trick To Play Over Chord Changes (Blues Solo Guitar Lesson #4)

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A lot of students want to know how to play and improve their blues lead solos, and that’s why I put together this 5-part miniseries of lessons for you on how to play a blues guitar solo. If you missed the first three lessons, I recommend checking them out below...

Lesson #1 - 12 Bar Blues 

Lesson #2 - The KEY To Creating Great Blues Solos 

Lesson #3 - Major Pentatonic Scale: The Flavor Injector

In Lesson #4, I'm going to show you a trick I like to use over the "quick" chord changes during the last few measures of 12-bar blues.

What’s the “trick”?

It’s as simple as playing a dominant 7th arpeggio. I find it really helps to emphasize the chord changes of those last few measures. I don’t play this every single time, mind you, but I’ll sprinkle it in from time-to-time to mix things up.

Give this some practice and in no time, you’ll have yet another tool to add to your blues guitar tool belt.

Remember to grab the chord diagrams from this lesson here.