Slow Dancing In A Burning Room - John Mayer

Slow Dancing In A Burning Room

Guitar Lessons For Beginners

In this episode of Riffin’ Through Time, we’ll be taking a look at “Slow Dancing In A Burning Room” by John Mayer. The part we’ll be focusing on is the main lick played in the intro. This lick combines double-stops, sliding, and hammer-ons, so be prepared to employ those techniques.

There are a few tricks you can use to make this song a lot easier. Using vibrato on multiple strings can be a challenge, so it’s worth experimenting with going upwards instead of downwards with your vibrato. With the sliding portions of the lick, you’ll want to try to avoid swapping fingers to make it smoother.

This song has a lot of nuance to it, so be sure to practice the little things to make it sound close to the recording. Be sure to break up your practice time into small, digestible chunks and you’ll have this tune down in no time!