The Best Fretboard Navigation System

The Best Fretboard Navigation System

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In this quick video, we'll be getting into a topic that's proven itself to be a little controversial. There are a number of different ways to approach learning the fretboard, but choosing the "best" method is pretty tough.

The 3 main fretboard navigation systems are the 3-note-per-string method, the CAGED method, and the interval method. Each one has its pros and cons.

Ultimately, choosing which fretboard navigation system is right for you will come down to a few primary factors. The 3-note-per-string method is often used by rock and metal players, while the CAGED and interval methods are typically used more often by players that prioritize making melodies.

A lot of it also comes down to how your brain works and how you process information. Try each fretboard navigation system yourself and see which one works best for you!