The Constant Strumming Technique

The Constant Strumming Technique

Guitar Lessons For Beginners

In this quick guitar lesson, we're going to take a look at one of the most important strumming techniques you can learn. Once you're able to implement this technique into your playing you'll find many of the strumming patterns in your favorite songs become a lot easier to play.

To perform this technique, we'll start by looking at a basic quarter note strumming pattern. This pattern uses all downstrokes and should be pretty easy to get down right away.

Constant Strumming Technique

Notice how between each downstroke you're actually performing an upstroke but intentionally missing the strings. This is the gist of the constant strumming technique. It's simply keeping your hand moving at a steady rhythm and making choices as to when you actually hit the strings. By doing this in different ways, you can create a wide array of strumming patterns.

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