The Perfect Beginner Guitar Is Just $200

The Perfect Beginner Guitar Is Just $200

Guitar Lessons For Beginners

One of the most common questions we get here at GuitarLessons and Guitareo is “what guitar should I buy?”. For many beginner guitar players, there are just too many options out there and the choices can seem overwhelming. In this video, Nate Savage will tell you his top recommendation for a beginner acoustic guitar.

The important things to pay attention to when buying your first guitar are price, sound, playability, consistency, availability, and looks. When taking all these things into consideration, our top choice is the Yamaha FG800.

With a solid Sitka Spruce top, you’re getting a great sounding guitar for just $200. It’s the perfect marriage of price and quality! We hope this video helps you when you’re looking for your first beginner acoustic guitar.

Get the Yamaha FG800 Acoustic Guitar here: