Which Drive Pedal Should I Buy?

Which Drive Pedal Should I Buy?

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There are so many drive pedals available on the market, and it has become almost impossible to try and figure out where to start!

Together let’s explore some of the most common drive pedals on the market and a few of their boutique equivalents.

Questions to ask yourself when deciding on which drive pedal to buy:
How much money do you want to spend?
Which channel are you running your guitar into (clean or dirty)?
How versatile do you want your overdrive to be?
Do you want a distortion or an overdrive pedal?
How aggressive do you want your sound to be?
Do you want a boost function on your overdrive pedal?

Pedals Used (In Order of Appearance):
Electro-Harmonix Soul Food Wampler
Tumnus Deluxe
Ibanez Tube Screamer TS-808
JHS Bonsai on TS-808 Setting
Boss Blues Driver Waza BD-2w
Revv G4
Fulltone OCD
JHS Angry Charlie V3
Boss Super Over Drive Waza SD-1w
Keeley D&M Drive

It’s a wide world of options out there. Hopefully, this video has helped you narrow down what type of overdrive is best for you!