Jazz Guitar Lessons

Jazz Guitar Lessons

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In the Jazz section of the site you will be learning some of the fundamental elements of the style such as common 7th chords and common jazz chord progressions. There are other lessons on the site that you should really dive into in order to get a good foundation in place to start learning jazz. Some of these lessons include the following:

Understanding the Major Scale

The Major Scale on Guitar

Major Guitar Scale Shapes

How to Recognize Intervals

How to Recognize Chords

Major 7th Guitar Chords

Minor 7th Guitar Chords

Dominant 7th Guitar Chords

One of the biggest things that you can do to help yourself learn how to play jazz is to simply listen to a lot of jazz music. Listening to jazz will help you to start understanding the overall style of music better. If you have never listened to any jazz before you might want to check out some music by Herbie Hancock or Miles Davis. Those guys are pretty easy to listen to for a jazz newbie.

Take your jazz educational journey one step at a time. If you try to learn it all at once you will probably get overwhelmed and frustrated pretty quickly. There is so much to learn about jazz. There are people who spend their entire lives studying jazz so don’t be disappointed if you can’t play like you favorite jazz artists overnight. Take each lesson one at a time, work on it and once you have it down move on to the next.