How To Do Double Stops | Free Lesson

Double stops are a common guitar technique with a confusing name. Do I stop playing twice? Do I play two strings then stop? What's a single stop?

So, what is a double stop?

It’s playing two strings simultaneously. That’s it. 

A triple stop is having three stings playing simultaneously. A quadruple stop is four strings playing simultaneously. 

Musical Example:

For a sample of what this can sound like in a musical context check out the first 9 seconds of the classic song “Brown Eyed Girl” by Van Morrison.

Bluesy Double Stops:

Marty Shwartz of Marty Music shows you how to use double stops in a blues context in this video.

Hendrixian Doubles:

Paul Davids has a great lesson on how to make your playing sound more Hendrix with double stops.

The Asato Style Double:

If you are a more advanced player here is some great analysis by Darryl Syms on how Mateus Asato uses double stops in his playing.

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