Top 3 Classic Bending Licks (w/ TABS)

3 Classic Bending Licks

Lead Guitar

In this lead guitar lesson, we'll be going over our top 3 classic bending licks. Learning these licks will help your lead guitar technique and give you some foundational material to build off of in your playing. Below, you'll find the tabs available for all three of these licks from Pink Floyd, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Cream.

'Another Brick In The Wall' - Pink Floyd

Another Brick In The Wall Lick Tab

'Texas Flood' - Stevie Ray Vaughan

Texas Flood Lick Tab

'Crossroads' - Cream

Crossroads Lick Tab

Each one of these licks can be incorporated into your lead guitar playing in different ways. Once you've added these licks to your lick library, be sure to incorporate them into a solo of your own!

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