The 100 Scale Challenge - Guitar Lesson

The 100 Scale Challenge

Lead Guitar

Welcome to The 100 Scale Challenge guitar lesson! Two parts of being really comfortable with your instrument are having the stamina to play for longer periods of time without getting too tired and knowing your scales so well that you really don’t have to think about them. When it comes to stuff like this repetition is your best friend.

If you don't have a good scale to use for The 100 Scale Challenge, check out this quick lesson: Learn The Major Scale.

The idea behind The 100 Scale Challenge is pick any scale you like and see if you can play through it 100 times without stopping. I’m not talking about pushing through any type of pain barrier or anything like that. I’m simply talking about focusing, building endurance, and really getting the scale down cold. If you need to start with only 20 times through the scale that’s fine. You can build up to The 100 Scale Challenge. I’m using the A blues scale in this lesson but you can choose any scale you like.

After you play through the scale several times you will probably start to get tired and tense up a little. Watch out for that and try to stay relaxed. Also, make sure not to hold your breath. Stretching and warming up a little before you start this is also good idea.

Try this for a week and I’m sure you will notice a difference in your playing. If you’ve been struggling with your endurance, stamina, strength, or scale memorization on the guitar The 100 Scale Challenge is a great point to add to your daily practice routine.