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Guitar Lessons Archive

Looking for some of our older videos? Below are more free guitar lessons sorted into categories.

Guitar Chord Workouts for Beginners

If you’re brand new to playing the guitar, then you’re in the right place. These workouts are specifically designed to help beginner guitar players improve their chord transitions, work on their sense of rhythm, and have a better feel for playing guitar along to music.

Campfire Guitarist Quick-Start Series

If you want to be able to sit around the campfire and strum your favorite songs this is the course for you! All you need to know to get started is how to make a few basic chord shapes, and how to strum.

Beginner Guitar Lessons

If you're brand new to playing the guitar or just want to brush up on the basics this is the place to start. The lessons in this series apply to both acoustic and electric guitar. It's recommended you go through them in the order presented, but you can also focus on specific topics that interest you.

Lead Guitar Quick-Start Series

If you are interested in learning to play lead guitar this is the series for you. It covers essential scale shapes, lead guitar techniques, and even playing your very first guitar solo. It's recommended you start with the first video and go through the rest in sequence.

Guitar Lessons For Beginners

This is a collection of stand-alone lessons for beginners. Unlike the Beginner Guitar Quick-Start Series these starter lessons are self-contained and are not part of an extended series.

Beginner Lessons

These beginner guitar lessons are great for anyone who is new to playing the guitar. Each lesson here is self-contained and perfect for picking up a few fundamental concepts or techniques.

Exercises & Fretboard Navigation

This lesson category focuses on fretboard navigation and exercises to help you improve on the guitar. These video lessons are great if you are looking to gain a better understanding of your guitar.

Alternate Tunings, Guitar Maintenance, & Jams

In this group of lessons you'll find videos that show you how to use alternate tunings, perform maintenance on your guitar, and you'll also find some fun playing examples from Nate.

Guitar Scales

In this category of video lessons, you'll learn about some of the important scales you can play on the guitar. These guitar lessons don't follow a sequence so you can jump into them in any order you like.